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Mi Carreta Mexican Restaurants Website Design Launched

Mexican Restaurant website design

With over 100 entrées on the menu and delicious house specialties, these restaurants will make your tummy happy!

The Mi Carreta family of Mexican restaurants was founded in South Boston, Virginia in 2003 and has grown to 8 locations in Virginia, North Carolina, and New Hampshire.

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How I knew had problems within 5 seconds

Note: This post is not meant to take a position on either side of the Affordable Care Act debate, and is strictly about the website and its many problems.

I've been developing websites for 17 years and have learned over the years that when there are major problems with a site it usually comes down to 2 types of problems:

  • those caused by a designer/developer (individual or company) who was being relied upon for professional advice and service and either couldn't or didn't deliver, and
  • those caused by the client by demanding that the designer/developer do something that goes against their advice. website problems are the perfect is the perfect storm of both of these types of problems.

I'm not referring to everyday problems common in site development, things like cross-browser compatibility, but fundamental problems in architecture and usability.

The day launched I visited the site to see if a family member could save money on their policy. Within 5 seconds of being on the site I learned that all of my relative's personal data had to be submitted before I could get any idea of the price range. My reaction? Leave the site.

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The one thing you must do this year...

If your website doesn't have a mobile version, you must correct that!  Too many sites either display poorly on mobile devices, or even worse, don't display at all.  Recently I tried to visit a site on my iPhone, but it opened up to a blank white page; when I got back to the office I browsed to the site on my laptop and found that it's built entirely on Flash.  That results in nothing to display on the iPhone!

Luckily, when I initially tried to visit the site I wasn't looking to buy or researching a company I may want to do business with; if that had been the case, they would have had a lost sale.

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Video killed the radio star...

Or in this case, the keyword star.

As the web matures and becomes more entwined with our lives, sometimes words aren't enough to attract search engines.  The latest buzz is that having videos on your site will not only give you more interesting content, but may also help with your search engine placement.  Search engines are trying to give more variety in their results, and the word is that the algorithms are stacked to give preference to pages including video.

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