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Video killed the radio star...

Or in this case, the keyword star.

As the web matures and becomes more entwined with our lives, sometimes words aren't enough to attract search engines.  The latest buzz is that having videos on your site will not only give you more interesting content, but may also help with your search engine placement.  Search engines are trying to give more variety in their results, and the word is that the algorithms are stacked to give preference to pages including video.

Does this mean that you should just go out and record a video and slap it up? Well, no - unless your site is aimed at an audience who is looking for more raw footage.  For most businesses this means that you'll either need to hire someone who knows what they're doing to not only record the video, but also to edit it and integrate audio files, or you'll need to go out and buy a good HD video camera and learn how to use it properly.  You don't need to spend a fortune, though, unless you own a large company aimed at an audience who expects a really slick video.

Use your imagination.  Try to think of a way to use video that your competitors haven't used yet.  You never know - you may be the next viral video star!

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