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Glerin in AP article about small business caregiver leave

Glerin in AP article about small business caregiver leave

I was recently interviewed by an AP business writer for an article about small businesses that offer caregiver leave although they're not required to legally.

As those who know us well know, this is a topic that's dear to my heart as my staff went above and beyond to support me when I was caring for my mother during the last years of Alzheimer's. That's her in the photo above with me and one of my sisters, 19 months before she passed.

You can read the full article here, including stories from other small business owners who offer paid family leave to their staff.

Here at Glerin, as with many small businesses, we're more like a family than coworkers (some literally are family, but those who aren't still feel like family). I'm blessed to have such a great team, and hope that you're able to surround yourself with wonderful people who care about you as well.


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