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How your small business can benefit from automated marketing

How your small business can benefit from automated marketing

Are you frustrated because your website doesn't generate many leads? Don't feel bad. This is one of the biggest issues with websites. You spend good money to have a nice site developed, and it seems like it just sits there like a teenager on a sofa. And sits. And sits. Before long, you start to wonder if it will ever do anything.

At the end of the day, though, you know you'll lack credibility if you ditch the site. You don't really want to ditch it, but you do need it to help build your business. Is that too much to ask? How in the world can you make it do something?

First, you need to know why it isn't doing anything for you. And you can't do that with Analytics.

Analytics is great for telling you things like how people get to your site, but it can't tell you anything about what those people actually do on your site.

What if you could know what each person does on your site? What links they click on, which pages they visit, the order they visit them in, the length of time they spend on each page, and even who the visitor is? What if you could get rid of what isn't working and concentrate more on what is? With automated marketing, you can do all of that - and more.

You can also show different visitors different content based on what they do on your site. Wouldn't that be great? It's like your site is talking directly to each visitor, like you would do if you were sitting in front of them. It's carrying on a virtual conversation to give visitors the information they need when they need it.

Used correctly, automated marketing can help lower your cost per lead, improve ROI of marketing campaigns, increase revenue, and improve the lifetime value of customers.

And what small business doesn't need all of that? Find out more about automated marketing here.

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