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10 differences between automated marketing and email marketing

10 differences between automated marketing and email marketing

Marketing Automation isn't just for the big guys any more; businesses of all sizes are using it to communicate more personally with their customers. But many clients are confused about what automated marketing actually is, and we want to give you a better understanding. Though email marketing is often referred to as automated marketing, it's really just a part of a true automated marketing system.

With automated marketing, you can generate leads, drive sales, and prove ROI.

10 differences between our automated marketing system and an email marketing system:

  1. Marketing automation software tracks all interactions a site visitor has with your website and emails, whereas email marketing systems only track interactions with the email itself (was it opened, clicked, forwarded).
  2. Our automated marketing system can identify anonymous web traffic, which is 98% of your website traffic. Wouldn't it be nice to know who is actually visiting your site?
  3. Your site content can change dynamically to target the current site visitor with automated marketing, based on that visitor's behavior on your site. If someone is at a certain stage of the sales cycle, you can show them different content than someone who is on your site for the first time.
  4. You can automatically segment your leads into lists based on their behavior on your site and interactions with your emails.
  5. You can create targeted messages to the site visitor based on their behavior, for near one-on-one communication.
  6. Sales people can receive email or text notifications when a hot lead visits the site or even a certain page.
  7. Track marketing campaigns to automatically calculate ROI; knowing which are effective and which aren't, you can get rid of wasteful spending and concentrate on what's working.
  8. Marketing automation integrates with your customer relationship management (CRM) software to help you track leads and reach out to them at critical points.
  9. You can create targeted landing pages with our automated system, using tons of professionally designed templates.
  10. Call tracking is available with our system, so you can actually tie phone calls to website visitors.

The list above contains just a few of the differences between marketing automation and email marketing.

You can find out more about our automated marketing system here, as well as request a demo to see first hand what it's all about.

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