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Using lessons learned from running her business while caring for her mother for 3.5 years in the end stages of Alzheimer's, Lisa Kipps-Brown specializes in helping other business owners who are going through a major life change use the web to adapt their business and meet life's new demands. Her achievements include taking an information-base...d business that was on the brink of bankruptcy and positioning it for successful sale at 20x investment in about 2 years, using the web to create new recurring revenue streams and enhance customer service. More

Where do we go from here?

"The Web is like a car now; the fact that it is moving is no longer interesting. What matters is what we do with it, and where we’re going." Andrian Kreye

When I first started developing websites 15 years ago, users of the internet were kind of like first-time parents - they had this wonderful new thing but weren't really sure what to do with.  Many people thought AOL was the internet, and we were all stuck on dial-up (I can barely remember that agony, thank goodness).

At that time, all websites were pretty much glorified online brochures - and glorified they were, with their blinking and twirling animated gifs.

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