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Mobile apps vs. mobile sites

We've found that there's a lot of confusion about the difference between mobile apps and mobile websites, even amongst many so-called developers - believe it or not! The difference is very simple. A mobile app runs natively on your mobile device and must be installed on the device; many can be used regardless of whether you have an internet connection. A mobile website is a version of your website that is stripped down to make it faster to load on a mobile device and easier to read and navigate on the small screen. Usually there are less graphics and extraneous information on mobile sites, but you should always include the option for mobile visitors to choose to view the full site.

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Make it mobile...

It's time to start thinking about your company's mobility.  No, not upward mobility - how you can take advantage of the fast-growing mobile device market to promote your brand.

The key with mobile apps is to come up with an idea that's helpful or fun, making people want to use it, all the while discretely promoting your brand.  I love an app that a friend's company developed for the iPhone, that showed the UV index for your current location - the precise location, of course, thanks to the GPS in  the user's iPhone.  It was developed for a suntan lotion company.  Helpful - yes.  Blatant advertising - no.  Branding promotion - yes.

There are tons of good apps out there, but a great idea is just waiting to be dreamed up and developed for your brand!  What is your product or offering, and how might it relate to a mobile device?  How can you make life easier or more fun for your customers?  Put on your creative cap and let's start dreaming.

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