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21 little known things you can do with marketing automation

21 little known things you can do with marketing automation

This article was originally written for LinkedIn Pulse.

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Most people think that automated marketing just means email marketing, but nothing could be further from the truth. To illustrate the difference, here are a few ways you could be using automated marketing right now.

  1. Show different content to different site visitors using dynamic content.
  2. Set up client onboarding to assist new clients in learning how best to work with you.
  3. Offer a case study or white paper to someone who's already downloaded a brochure.
  4. Integrate call tracking so your phone calls can be correlated with website visits.
  5. Familiarize retail customers with features of a major purchase.
  6. Remind a customer of an abandoned shopping cart to encourage checkout.
  7. Suggest site content or online store products based on the guest's activity on the site.
  8. Let clients sign up for webinars, and send them reminders leading up to the date and time.
  9. Send a coupon to someone who hasn't purchased in a while.
  10. Score leads and be notified by text or email when someone reaches a given threshold.
  11. Calculate ROI of both online & offline marketing campaigns to focus on what works and get rid of what doesn't.
  12. Track opportunities to monitor progress across deal stages in the sales process.
  13. Get a text message or email when someone visits your site using a specific link.
  14. Get a text message or email when a specific person visits an important page.
  15. Track lead activity on multiple websites with the same account.
  16. Create landing pages & traffic funnels to help drive leads and conversions.
  17. Integrate with your other marketing or operations systems using an API.
  18. Create forms with custom fields that match your needs.
  19. Sync data from 3rd party forms.
  20. A/B test content to determine which content gets best results.
  21. Automatically assign leads to sales people based on rules you establish.

This is just a peek into the types of things you can do with automated marketing. How are you using it?

21 things you can do with marketing automationBONUS!

Download this list in a PDF.

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