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Free booklet to simplify planning marketing campaigns

Free booklet to simplify planning marketing campaigns

Being faced with a never ending parade of new social media platforms and other tools for marketing often makes it overwhelming when it's time to create a marketing plan. How do you know what to use and when to use it? Should you just go ahead and use everything to avoid having to make a decision?

We're big on analogies, and in this case we liken it to making a sandwich. There are a myriad of toppings, breads, meats, and condiments that you can use on a sandwich, but you don't use everything at once - unless you're Dagwood Bumstead. Instead, you choose what fits your budget, your hunger level, and your mood.

We've created our illustrated Sandwich Marketing concept to walk you through the basic steps of creating your own marketing sandwich. Download the booklet on this page.

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