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Co-marketing: pack hunting vs lone wolf

co-marketing is similar to wolves hunting in packsSmall businesses can learn a lot from wolves.

They hunt together as a pack and the pack members are closely related by blood, affection and mutual aid - not just some random wolves that run across each other.

When businesses work together in coordinated marketing efforts, this is called co-marketing. It's a great way for companies to stretch their marketing dollars while expanding their reach. The efforts can be as formal as a co-branded campaign or product, or as informal as contributing to each other's blogs and social media to help build content.

Most businesses already have some type of tie with other businesses, whether in a B2B client/customer relationship, or through offering services or products that are complimentary.

Take a quick moment to think about how many times you've referred a customer to another business. Chances are that business is one you could partner with to start forming your own pack.

For example, a building supply center could select a contractor to partner with whom they know to be personable and smartphone-wise. The contractor could take video and photos featuring interesting projects in which they use products from the building supply center and this content can be used in a blog and on social media. Imagine an ongoing series about a historical renovation, following the project stages and demonstrating the use of a product.  The contractor gets exposure for their expertise, the supply center gets exposure for their products, and both of their customers and prospects are in "reach."

Do you know a wolf or wolves you can form a pack with?

What types of promotions can you envision partnering on?

While you're at it, try to think of businesses that you know wouldn't be a good match and why they wouldn't.

Recognizing relationships that wouldn't work is just as important as identifying those that should.

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