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Using Facebook Messenger chatbots for marketing and customer service

Using Facebook Messenger chatbots for marketing and customer service

Many small businesses sent out email blasts for marketing today that ended up in spam folders or buried in the sheer volume of email that people get now. Aside from the fact that email blasts are bad for business, offering Facebook Messenger as a delivery option is a sure-fire way to avoid the spam box and reach people where they are.

Chances are you're familiar with using Messenger to chat with friends, but I'll bet you had no idea you can use it to communicate with your clients and prospects, too. Well, now you do.

You can even automate customer service and other types of communications! That's called a chatbot.

What's a chatbot? It's just a small program that automates specific tasks and can also act like a virtual assistant.

Why use Facebook Messenger for marketing?

As of February 1, 2017, Facebook has over 1.23 billion active daily users. I can assure you that your customers are some of those users, and it's easier to reach people where they already are.

  • Like text messaging, Messenger sends push notifications so your customers are alerted immediately to your message.
  • You can send important alerts or news, as well as subscription-based info.
  • Unlike text messaging, there's no charge to use Messenger.
  • You can automate certain messages to help your customers until you're able to reply personally.

Warning: do NOT use Messenger to spam people; it should only be used to add value.

Ok, so now that you know Messenger chatbots might be good for small business marketing and customer service, how in the heck can YOU use them?

Here are a few examples of how several types of businesses could use chatbots:

  • Any type of business: give people the option to get their newsletters through Messenger instead of email, or in addition to email.
  • Realtors and Real Estate Agents: send out information on new listings, price reductions, Open Houses, tips for selling your home, tips for buying a home – the list goes on and on.
  • Restaurants: send daily or weekly specials, promote events, offer discount codes, promote new additions to your menu.
  • Medical: send out daily health tips; automate FAQ's about location, hours, and other important information; send alerts about topics like flu season.
  • YMCA's and community centers: automate info like class times; send reminders of swim meets or practice; send alerts of weather closings.

contact Glerin on Facebook MessengerYou can see several samples in action on our Messenger; click here to reach us on Messenger, or scan our Messenger code at right.

If you haven't messaged us before you'll need to click “Get Started;” this lets Facebook know it's ok for us to message you back. After that, type in “samples” and we'll send you back several simple examples to view.

Using Facebook Messenger chatbots is one more automation tool that we've added to our already deep automation toolbox and I'm excited about the possibilities!

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