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[video] Meet Waddles the duck, our office mascot

[video] Meet Waddles the duck, our office mascot

Our office is located on Bannister Lake in the town of Halifax, Virginia. Last summer someone abandoned a poor little duck on the lake; he she (we found out it's a girl!) would come around when we kayaked, but would never come close. This past January we had a snowstorm of about 10" and the temperature was close to 0; we were able to find him her hiding in brush - covered in ice and snow, and frantic with hunger. We started feeding him her off of the dock, and he she started coming back every evening at 5pm to eat.

When we're not there by 5, we can hear him her quacking all the way up at the office (one of the secrets to whether a duck is a girl or boy? the girls are LOUDER! lol). Our office is at the top of a tall hill, and today we saw his her little white head bobbing around at the top of the hill so we took the hint and went out to feed him her.

Once he'd she'd had enough, he she waddled back down the hill and swam away :) I hate that somebody was cold enough to abandon him her, but we sure do get a lot of joy from having him her around!

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