Recognizing Opportunity: Daryl Hatton & Lisa Kipps-Brown

Recognizing opportunity & building companies since 1988: serial tech entrepreneur Daryl Hatton, founder of Fundrazr, shares his secrets on getting – and staying – ahead of the curve. From TED Talks to being on the board of PayPal Giving Fund Canada, he’s also an evangelist for fundraising and advancing philanthropy.

In this episode, he shares his secrets for recognizing opportunity and ideas for how you can tell your story more effectively.

Daryl founded Fundrazr, the first crowdfunding platform to provide a collaborative community payment model, in 2008. As a children’s Lacrosse coach, he had difficulty collecting team fees from team members until he requested them through Facebook. The collection was so successful, he realized that social media had become a fundraising tool and initially developed Fundrazr as a Facebook app.

In 2013 the company introduced “Crowdfunding as a Service” technology, allowing web publishers and companies to run a crowdfunding service on their own site. He’s been recognizing opportunity and starting companies since 1988, though, when he founded a company that created database software for clients such as BC Gas.

The crowdfunded NASCAR team racing to combat veteran suicide that we discussed: