bodywork medicine online booking systemBodywork Medicine provides holistic therapy, specializing in Certified Lymphedema Services and Advanced Fascia Release.

Owner Terrie Spell needed a way to book appointments that didn't require answering phone calls and emails, and could be paid upfront. We set her up on an online booking system that allows her to create various types of therapies, each with its own pricing and length of appointment.

The system blocks off time before and after each appointment to ensure that she has time in between, and is set up to not allow double booking. Terrie can also block off time that she doesn't want made available for booking, both entire days or blocks of time, and can set them up to repeat if necessary.

The system syncs with her Google calendar so her calendar is always up to date, and adding an event to her Google calendar will automatically block off that time as unavailable in the online booking system.

Clients can make their own appointments and pay with a credit or debit card. They also receive a confirmation email and reminders, and can cancel or reschedule through the booking system if required, saving even more admin time for Terrie.