We work best with clients who appreciate that all pieces of their marketing must work together to be successful.

We can work in tandem with an in-house team or an outside firm or freelancer, and complement those teams by providing the strategy and business experience that most designers and marketers don't have. OR we can provide all the design and development services you need, including print and illustration. It's up to you.

Website projects begin with us learning as much as we can about your business so we can help you develop goals that your site should help you achieve.

We'll work with you to determine what you want visitors to do when visiting your site, and develop a plan for content and the calls to action (CTA's) to help those visitors convert (do things like fill out a form, purchase a product, sign up for a free product).

Visual design won't begin until we agree on what your site should achieve and what you want your visitors to do. Design should be for function, not for looks, and everything about design should serve a purpose.

For projects to be the most successful, some of the qualities we expect in our clients include:

  • Ability to communicate openly and honestly. You don't always have to agree with what we say, but everything we recommend is analyzed through the lens of what best meets your goals. We'll want you to be able to explain your opinions through the same lens.
  • Seriousness about improvement. We're serious about helping you, so you need to be serious as well.
  • Commitment to following through on what's needed of you. You're spending good money and the project can't be successful unless you (or a designated point of contact on your staff) are responsive and provide the necessary feedback or content within the time frame expected. Which leads to the next point.
  • Authorized to make decisions. Design by committee is the best way to end up with a camel when you wanted a horse, so working with someone who can make executive decisions is a must.
  • Open to using new tools. Business is different now than it was even 5 years ago, but many companies are still doing business like they were 15 years ago. If you want to be successful, it's critical that you not only get with the times, but that you get ahead of the times.
  • Understanding that real progress takes patience. If your aim is just to get as much site traffic as possible, regardless of whether that traffic is even remotely suitable to be your customer, we're not for you. Ditto for being ranked #1 on Google for a generic search term or generating spammy emails.
  • Willingness to be honest with yourself and us about what your strengths and weaknesses are. This is essential in developing buyer personas and target markets.

We provide the strategy and business experience that most designers just don't have.

And being a small company, we're picky about who we work with. It's important to make sure we're a good fit because, after all, it's kind of like dating - who wants to be in a relationship with someone who isn't a good match? That's why we like to start our relationship out with a Roadmapping project ($1k - $15k, depending on the breadth and depth of the project being roadmapped.).

Roadmapping lets us see how we like working  together while we assess where you currently are, where you want to be, and how you can get there. At the end of Roadmapping, you can use our assessment to make changes in-house, work with another firm, or continue to work with us.

Thanks for your interest in working with us!