Get better clients, decrease costs & increase business value with smart use of the web.

CRM tracking sales opportunitiesYou need more clients who are better matches for you. It's the key to having less stress and a more successful business.

But if you sell large ticket items, you probably have 1 of these 2 big problems:

  1. You don't have enough customers and sales so cashflow is killing you, or
  2. You have too many customers who aren't a good match for you, and they keep you from being able to concentrate on getting more profitable customers.

Either way, you can't keep going for long without a good, predictable stream of sales coming in.

If things are bad enough, you're like a rat on a wheel and can't get off. You wake up in the morning dreading the day. Work all day without a break, most days way into the night. Don't bring in enough money to pay yourself. Watch the credit card balances rack up. Go to bed at the end of the day only to wake up during the night worrying, seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. Then you get back up in the morning to start all over again.

If things aren't that bad yet, count yourself lucky and start fixing them before they do get that bad!

But even if they are that bad, did you know that making a few critical changes to your website can be the one thing you could do to have the biggest impact in improving your business?

What if your website were like a hard working salesperson, even bringing in customers while you're off?

Find out why you're not getting better results

My guess is that right now you just have a brochure-like website, one that you set up and forgot about. And:

  • you haven't updated your site in months or even years
  • you have no online marketing strategy
  • you're so busy working in the business, you're not working on the business, and
  • you have no systems in place to help you market and communicate with prospects and clients better.

Since it costs 5x as much to get a new customer as it does to keep a current customer, just nurturing the current customers you want to keep could turn into significant sales with low marketing costs.

To turn things around, start by making changes that turn your website into the strategic hub of all your marketing activities. It's the most cost effective way to attract and qualify new customers and nurture current customers.

You'll end up with more leads that are better qualified before they ever even contact you. And that will lead to more and, more importantly, BETTER clients.

You'll spend less time dealing with tire kickers and people who aren't a good match for you, and more time doing what you love for the kinds of customers you want to work with.

You really can have a website that brings in good customers - even while you're not working!

Find out how you can improve your website