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Working with Us

"[Glerin's] work on the Halifax County IDA’s new Branding and Website initiatives has been excellent. You and your team have been collaborative, creative, proactive, intuitive and timely in your efforts. We are excited about the results. I am pleased to recommend you to others."

Matt Leonard, Executive Director, Halifax County IDA

Glerin proudly does things just a bit differently. Offering branding and web design, marketing consulting, and automated marketing services, we specialize in working with clients to develop cohesive brands and marketing efforts that position them to compete effectively on the world stage.

Those who work with us find that we're proactive thinkers who often recognize opportunities not seen by others. We make suggestions that are unique yet attainable, and work is done in-house. Few firms have expertise that is comparable to ours, nor staff that is as committed to clients. We have almost a century of experience between us, and it shows in our work.

" integral part of development of multi-platform outlets for our programming. We consider Glerin a partner in our success..."

Tom Birch, President, Lakes Media Network

Our Approach

We believe that design should follow functionality, as opposed to functionality following design. Our projects incorporate the latest technologies and modern practices, but we strive to create designs that will serve our clients for at least two years and don't require special plugins or proprietary software.

Designs that are too trendy are also designs that become outdated quickly, and proprietary software means being held hostage to a solution.

We've developed a unique process of design: rather than starting with mockups, we prepare a visual inventory of sample projects for feedback to help clarify position, concept, tone, and style. Feedback from the Visual Inventory helps our design team get “inside your head” and understand you better, mostly through conversations and questions that the visual inventory generates.

After the Visual Inventory, we'll deliver Element Collages to showcase how major components of the site might be imagined. We'll put together a few different approaches for each element, which helps us weigh the value of any given approach. Through thoughtful conversation with you, we determine what's valuable and what's not, and gain consensus on a direction to continue exploring. This allows the layout design to evolve naturally from the elements, rather than forcing every element into an initial static layout mockup.

At the beginning of a marketing or branding project, we also conduct a discovery session to determine your goals and existing campaigns. We'll research the market, the competition, the conditions, the current image, anticipate any potential hurdles and financial constraints, and help set goals. We'll perform thoughtful analysis, and help prioritize these goals.

Often we find that clients entertain and act upon too many ideas, rather than suffer from a lack of Ideas. While an abundance of ideas is always encouraged, without a strategic plan that takes priorities into account, the plan becomes overwhelming and undoable. We'll develop strategies to solve specific problems that are uncovered during discovery, and set goals to help you make sure you are staying on track with your strategy. We'll ensure that ideas align with your preferences and behaviors, and strategies will be realistic based on your resources and infrastructure.

Are we right for you?

We design custom websites, marketing materials, and marketing campaigns for economic development and tourism organizations, Main Street organizations, counties, and cities. We also work with select businesses.

A few representative projects include:

These are not your mama's projects.

We realize that not everyone can afford our advanced services, but that shouldn't prevent you from having a professional web presence.  If you're on a tight budget and want a quick site with no consulting, research, or copywriting services included, you're a candidate for our Ballowax division.  

Ballowax creates professional sites for low budget projects without integrating our more in-depth services.  We created this division to keep you from having to turn to your nephew, the neighbor down the street, or the freelancer who won't be available when you need them.

Workshops and Speakers

We also conduct marketing workshops and do speaking engagements. For example, our CEO was invited to speak about economic development marketing at Industry Week Magazine's 2014 Roundtable in the Desert.

Who we've worked with

For a small sample of some of our design work, take a look at our portfolio. Let us know if there's a specific type of project you'd like to talk about.

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