You've spent years building a successful business, but life doesn't always stay the same. Now what?

If you're facing major changes like caring for an elderly parent, becoming a new or single parent, or preparing to retire, we'll help you rapidly reposition your business to meet life's new demands.

RampUp Your Biz

in just 1 week

Our 1-5 day intensive Guerilla RampUp™ process helps business owners like you rebrand and reposition quickly, to take control of your life and avoid costly mistakes made out of desperation.

You CAN build a business that meets your lifestyle needs and still grows.

A Glerin Guerilla RampUp™ helps you DOMINATE your niche, your way.

Isn't that why you started your business in the first place?

How It Works


"Sell My Business." Is that your retirement plan?

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Lisa Kipps-Brown and her team at Glerin embody the term “professional” – universally respected by clients and public officials alike.
Economic Developer
Wow, I am really impressed with what you do... I wish I had your skills! ...your creativity, ideas, understanding of the markets. Amazing!
Marketing Director integral part of development of multi-platform outlets for our programming. We consider Glerin a partner in our success.
Media Network CEO
I endorse Glerin and their services with the same enthusiasm with which they were recommended to me.
CEO, Health Care Company
In today's world of starting up a business, website or other venture, this is the kind of person that you want on your side.
Cybersecurity Professional