Paul Revere social media cartoon
Did you know Paul Revere used social media? Yep, that's right. It's just people talking to people. Don't let the new tools scare you.

  • What is your design process? After a quote has been accepted and the deposit paid, we'll provide a Creative Brief for you to complete.  The Creative Brief will consist of a number of questions to help clarify your problems and determine specific goals; our designers will use your completed brief in their research and planning.
    We've developed a unique process of design: rather than starting with mockups, we prepare a visual inventory of sample projects for feedback to help clarify position, concept, tone, and style. Feedback from the Visual Inventory helps our design team get “inside your head” and understand you better, mostly through conversations and questions that the visual inventory generates.
    After the Visual Inventory, we'll deliver Element Collages to showcase how major components of the site might be imagined. We'll put together a few different approaches for each element, which helps us weigh the value of any given approach. Through thoughtful conversation with you, we determine what's valuable and what's not, and gain consensus on a direction to continue exploring. This allows the layout design to evolve naturally from the elements, rather than forcing every element into an initial static layout mockup.
    The design will be coded into a template that the content management system will use to display your site in browsers. After we complete all of the coding and have added all content, we'll launch and train you in how to make site updates.  We're always available to make site updates if you prefer.
  • How much do you charge for a website? Since we design and develop custom websites, every website is different and costs can vary widely - from several thousand dollars to many tens of thousands. Building a website is much like building a home: "square footage" (in this case the size of the website) and "upgrades" (features such as interactivity and shopping carts) can greatly increase costs. The only way we can give you a fair quote is by communicating with you to determine your needs and desires.
  • Why is it important for Glerin to know my budget? When we ask about your budget, it's not so we'll know how much we can charge you, it's so we can make appropriate recommendations. There will be multiple solutions to a given requirement and we don't want to waste your time or ours by recommending a solution that exceeds your budget. Think of it as letting your builder know whether you want linoleum or marble. The best solution may be outside of your budget, but that doesn't mean we can't come up with an alternative.
  • What are your payment terms? A 50% deposit is required to begin work, the 3rd 25% is invoiced when the design is approved, and the final 25% is invoiced upon completion of the project.
  • What payment methods do you accept? Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.
  • Can you provide referrals?  We'll be happy to.  You're also welcome to contact any clients who may be listed on our site.
  • How long has Glerin been in business?  Since 1996.  The company was started in Florida and relocated to Halifax, Virginia, in 2001.
  • Do you provide hosting? Yes, or you can host with the company of your choice as long as the technical requirements of your site are met.
  • How can I register a domain name? Visit a site like or to determine if the name you want is available. If it is, you can register it yourself or we willl register it for you for $25/year.
  • Are there  things I should avoid in a domain name?  Yes!  Keep it simple and avoid using hypens or long names.  Anything you do to make the name easier for people to remember and/or type without errors will help ensure that visitors reach your site rather than a competitor's. You can also register multiple domain names and have them point to the same website; this can be helpful if you want to register different versions to prevent competitors from registering them.
  • Will I be able to make changes to the site myself, and will special software be required?  We develop all of our sites on content management systems. This allows our clients to login to the site through any browser and make changes with no special software.  The only software you should ever need is software to optimize images for the web, and we will provide guidelines for optimization.
  • Will you maintain the site if I prefer?  Yes, and we do so for most of our clients.  We like for clients to know how to make updates, though, so they feel they have some control over their site.
  • How do you charge for site maintenance?  We bill by the hour, or you have the option of having a monthly maintenance agreement with us.  Maintenance agreements provide a discounted hourly rate of 10% to 25% and rollover of unused hours. They're a great way to manage your cashflow while saving a significant amount of money.  Unlike other companies, we also allow maintenance hours to be used for site expansion and redesigns, not just for maintaining existing features. Maintenance agreements are month to month and can be cancelled at any time with 30 days notice.  If an agreement is cancelled you will still be able to use any unused hours that have accumulated.  No risk while saving money.  It can't get any better than that!
  • Do you outsource?  No.  We do all of our design and development in-house.