About Us

Glerin is made up of a unique group of people with strengths that go way beyond design.

In working with us, you'll be working with people who have a passion for making things happen. Glerinians, as some are fond of calling us, are just a bit different - and we like it like that. Each of our team leaders has entrepreneurial experience - something you don't often see in design firms. We're talented and driven, curious and inventive. We have attitude and experience, and thrive on continual learning. We're on the FBI's Most Wanted List. (Just checking to make sure you're paying attention.) 

Glerin was founded in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1996 as a web design and development firm, and has evolved into a full service marketing and design firm. Each of us brings unique experiences to the group, creating a palette of talent and creativity that shows in everything we do. Creative cohesion @ work!™

We’re ready to partner with you! Meet our Team Leaders:


lisa kipps-brown

president & ceo


Lisa is a pioneer of business use of the web who has been helping clients reinvent their businesses for the new economy since 1996. A recovered accountant, she provides a unique combination of experience in business, design, and technology, and was on the Board of Directors of the IDA of Halifax County for 4.5 years. As a child her dad said if she didn't stop talking in weird voices she wouldn't be able to. He was right.

glenn brown

vp, operations & strategy

erin brown

vp, creative services

tina morgan

project manager / designer / photographer

damian ward


rueben medina

copywriter / voice artist