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We're proving that great design lives in America's smallest towns.

Our people are just like your people. We’re mothers and daughters, sons and brothers. We’re bilingual, and we’re cross-trained. We’re bookworms, movie-goers, musicians, gardeners, and tv junkies. We’re entrepreneurs with interwoven careers. As a matter of fact, every member of our staff has entrepreneurial experience - something you don't often see in design firms. We're on the FBI's Most Wanted List. (Just checking to make sure you're paying attention.) Some of us are young and some of us are seasoned, but we’re all youthful. We have attitudes and experience, and thrive on continual learning.

We’re one cohesive team ready to partner with you.

Lisa Kipps-Brown, President & CEO
Lisa Kipps-Brown

President & CEO

Lisa is a pioneer of business use of the web who has been helping clients reinvent their businesses for the new economy since 1996. A recovered accountant, she provides a unique combination of experience in business, design, and technology, and was on the Board of Directors of the IDA of Halifax County for 4.5 years. As a child her dad said if she didn't stop talking in weird voices she wouldn't be able to. He was right.

Glenn Brown, VP of Design
Glenn Brown
VP of Operations & Strategy

Glenn has 11 years of web and graphics design experience and studied Interactive Media Design at Art Institute of California in Los Angeles. In addition to his design and technical experience through Glerin, he has 5 years of technical support experience with a local internet service provider. In his spare time he's an avid gamer (translated: gaming addict), reader, and writer, and proud daddy of a mini Schnauzer.

Erin Brown, Designer and Developer

Erin Brown
VP of Creative Services

Erin has 9 years of web and graphics design experience and studied Animation Arts at Art Institute of California in Los Angeles. While in L.A. she did lots of commissioned art for businesses in Hollywood. She is bilingual in Japanese and studied in Narita, Japan in a Study Abroad program during high school. She's into gourmet cooking and is known to bribe people with cupcakes and other delicacies.


Tina Morgan, Project Manager, Photographer and Designer
Tina Morgan

Project Manager / Designer / Photographer

Organizationally gifted, Tina manages to keep the big picture in mind without losing focus on the details while she's herding fleas. In past positions she has wrangled sprawling and ambitious projects with Virginia Tech, the Riverstone Energy Center, and the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center. Her goal is to some day rule the world - or at least her couch.

Damian Ward, Developer

Damian Ward

Damian works to bring the designs of his team members to life and loves to find creative solutions to problems. He has worked in software development at Lockheed Martin and at the Corporate Research Center at Virginia Tech. A reformed lawyer, Damian has a degree in computer science from Virginia Tech and enjoys welding, kung-fu movies and British television.

Rueben Medina, Copywriter and Voice Artist

Rueben Medina
Copywriter / Voice Artist

Rueben has 10 years of experience in creative writing and a degree in English from Emory University. He also does voice-over work for videos and commercials. In his personal life, he acts with Dad's Garage Theatre Company in Atlanta. If you run into a guy in silver spandex pants with a cardboard box on his head make sure to say hi to Rueben.


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